good wood by topher

handmade custom wood creations

Mauves ovriers ne trovera ja bon hostill.
[A bad workman will never find a good tool.]
— French proverb, late 13th C.

The Story

After becoming self-employed (losing my job) at the end of 2015, I began woodworking as a means to pay bills while searching for another job.  I made a cutting board for my wife mid 2015 and a farm table desk for my old job.  When I posted them online, folks began asking for custom orders.  

After college, I worked in the financial world with mutual funds, sold advertising to used-car dealerships, did software support in the advertising industry, and outside sales in the world of public safety.  While I enjoyed working hard, I never really felt like the jobs were my careers.

January was the start of my dream beginning to come true.  I love creating things with my hands and the medium of wood intrigues me for many reasons.

On a whim (prompting from my wife), I decided to apply for the Mt Holly Farmers Market.  We focused on cutting boards since they were portable.  I started the Market with my 8th cutting board.  We had huge support and success.  After the ten week market finished, we were on cutting board #72.

We now primarily use North Carolina hardwoods to make custom furniture, cutting boards, and just about anything you can dream up in the wood world.

I no longer go to work everyday, I go to the shop. I've never put more hours into anything in my life but I consider it a huge blessing to create awesome stuff with good wood.

Style & Quality

I believe in the beauty of wood.  My primary focus in creating wood creations is letting the wood define the overall style of a project.  My job is giving a second life to the amazing resource yielded from a once living tree that served us all.  

I work hard to utilize wood harvested in North Carolina and support local businesses whenever possible.  

My standard for quality is very high.  It may be borderline obsessive but I believe it is my job to allow the wood to show its beauty without the distraction of poor workmanship.  

100% Handmade

I make every wood creation I sell.  There are times I work with local artisans to contribute their skills (i.e. blacksmiths or metal fabricators) in different facets of a project.