good wood by topher

handmade custom wood creations


Here are some of my completed projects.
The large majority of wood used in these creations is harvested and processed in North Carolina.  

A collection of my completed furniture pieces.

The furniture is usually built per custom order.  Some pieces I build because the wood is too amazing to abandon.  Other pieces are built for utility.  They all receive my attention to detail and commitment to quality.

A collection of Bottle Toppers and Cutting Boards.

I turn each Bottle Topper on my lathe.  Most of the Topper shapes are inspired by designs drawn by my wife and kids.  

Each cutting board is numbered and named by my creative team (my 4 kids) with my oldest girl as the CNO (Chief Naming Officer).  

A collection of wood creations that fit into a different category than the first two.  

This includes a cherry mantle from a Lake Norman log, a board and baton little library built out of pallet wood, to bottle openers and signs.