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Topher's Good Wood Butter

Wood Butter helps condition and protect your beautiful cutting boards and wooden utensils. 

We worked very hard to come up with the formula for Topher's Good Wood Butter.  It is made with Top Shelf (literally, it is on the top shelf at the grocery store) Roasted Walnut Oil, beeswax from a Mt. Holly (NC) bee keeper, and a top-secret natural moisturizing ingredient.  

We offer these in 2 oz tins and 8 oz tins.  

If you are allergic to Walnuts, we do make a Mineral Oil Wood Butter that replaces the Walnut Oil.  We treat all of our cutting boards with Walnut Oil unless we know a client has an allergy when they order their board.

Topher’s Cutting Board Love Instructions:

1.        Rinse cutting board with warm water and soap

2.       Towel dry and let it completely air dry

3.       Rub Topher’s Wood Butter on theentire cutting board

4.       Let it enjoy Topher’s Wood Butter overnight

5.       Get two paper towels

6.       Wipe entire board with the first towel

7.        Wipe thoroughlywith second paper towel

Enjoy your Topher Cutting Board